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apply for an FHA loan

FHA Loan Rules For Cosigners: A Reader Question

A reader asks, “How can a person sign a mortgage note but not have liability to repay the obligation?” FHA loan rules mention cosigners as a non-occupying parties who must sign the mortgage note but are not obligated when it comes to financial liability. According to HUD 4155.1, the lender must perform due diligence with the cosigner the same as with the borrower: “When determining the creditworthiness of borrowers, coborrowers, or cosigners, the underwriter considers their


FHA Credit Score Minimums: A Reader Question

A reader asks, “My credit score is 583 on Quizzle and 604 on Credit Sesame, what is the criteria for credit scores? Would I have a chance of getting approved for a refinance cash out?” The first issue we’ll address here is credit reporting–your participating FHA lender will check your credit scores as reported by the three major credit reporting agencies. Those agencies are Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. It may be best to contact these agencies directly to request your credit scores as that is what your lender will use. FHA loan rules state that, technically speaking, borrowers with credit scores above 500 qualify for the FHA loan program. That said, FHA loan FICO standards are MINIMUM standards, and the lender is free to require a higher minimum FICO score. | more...


FHA Streamline Refinancing Loans and Delinquent FHA Mortgages

In our last blog post we examined FHA loan rules for skipped payments and delinquent mortgages with regard to an FHA refinance loan. HUD 4155.1 Chapter Three addresses these issues in general, stating the FHA requirement that, “The borrower must be current on the loan being refinanced for the month due prior to the month in which he/she closes the refinancing, and for the month in which he/she closes.” But what does the FHA loan rulebook specifically say about delinquent payments on mortgages to be refinanced with an FHA Streamline Refinance loan? HUD 4155.1 Chapter Six Section C states, “A delinquent mortgage is not eligible for streamline refinancing until the loan is brought current.” That means that skipped payments are not allowed, and the delinquency issue must be addressed as | more...


Missing Payments On FHA Loans Prior To Refinancing

One common question about FHA refinance loans involves skipping payments. The ability to skip a payment prior to getting a refinance loan seems like an attractive option to many borrowers, and for those who have become delinquent on home loans. But does the FHA allow skipping payments? How do FHA loan rules address delinquent accounts that are being refinanced? HUD 4155.1 Chapter Three addresses these issues in general, stating: “The borrower must be current on the loan being refinanced for the month due prior to the month in which he/she closes the refinancing, and for the month in which he/she closes.” To clarify, Chapter Three, Section A of HUD 4155.1 provides the following example for us to review: “If the borrower is closing on April 8, he/she must have made | more...

FHA Loan Credit Score

FHA Loan Rules For Refinancing and Reverse Mortgages: A Reader Question

A reader asks, “We were told to get a reverse mortgage, while applying for a reverse mortgage my husband was under the impress that we did not have to make a mortgage payment. He did not make 2 payments. We have never misses a payment including the 28 years we owned our first home. The person who recommend the reverse mortgage did not explain. explain the process to us, once the paper work was competed he told us that we had to pay 85 thousand dollars in order to get a reverse mortgage, which came as a shock to us and since we could not afford it we dropped out of the program.” “Now we need to defiance as our mortgage is $1250. a month and our condo fee is | more...


FHA, HUD Announce Settlement In Housing Discrimination Case

The FHA and HUD have announced a settlement in a New Hampshire housing discrimination case. According to HUDNo.14-089, a tenant filed two housing discrimination complaints against TKB Properties and the New England Family Housing Management Organization. Those complaints were settled and the settlement announced in the HUD/FHA press release. “The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced today agreements with the owners and managers of two Berlin, New Hampshire properties, settling allegations that they engaged in housing discrimination when they refused to rent to a woman who was a victim of domestic violence. The Fair Housing Act


FHA Loan Income Requirements: A Reader Question

A reader asks, “My spouse is waiting an immigration process. Is there any way we can count all or partial income? My credit is at $800 and we have no other debts.” This is a difficult question to answer without knowing more. The big question is whether the spouse income is verifiable or not–FHA loan rules require all income to be used in the debt to income ratio calculation (which is an important part of the loan approval process) to be verifiable. What does this mean? Verifiable income is defined as earnings that are stable, reliable, and likely to continue. Verifiable income is not always “taxable income”–veteran benefits, for example, may be counted as income even though they are tax-exempt. But some types of income can’t be used. Non-verifiable income | more...

apply for an FHA loan

FHA Loans And Escrow Requirements: A Reader Question

A reader asks, “I am trying to cancel my escrow acct. with (my lender) due to them selling my Mortgage loan to an undesirable finance company called (name deleted). I was informed that all FHA loans are required to have an Escrow account. Please inform me of my rights.” FHA loan rules do not require an escrow account in every case, but your lender might. According to the FHA/HUD official site, we find the following on the page titled HUD RESPA FAQs. The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, also known as RESPA, governs escrow accounts for home loans. Under RESPA there is no requirement for escrow. From the HUD official site: “Does RESPA require borrowers to maintain an escrow account? NO. It is the lender’s decision whether the borrower must | more...


FHA Loan Rules For Credit, Short Sales, Foreclosures: A Reader Question

A reader asks, “My husband and I are looking to potentially buy a manufactured home already on some land. The home itself appears to meet the requirements stated above. The mortgage loan officer is stating that we do not qualify for a loan for a manufactured home due to my husband having a foreclosure seven years ago and I have a short sale three years ago. Is this correct, that due to our prior home financing circumstances, we are ineligible for an FHA loan for a manufactured home?” The important thing to keep in mind with regard to questions like this is that FHA loan rules aren’t the only ones that govern the FHA loan transaction–lender standards also play a part. FHA loan requirements for credit and other financial qualifications | more...