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Fair Housing Complaints: A Reader Question

The Fair Housing Act is a federal law designed to prevent discrimination in all phases of the housing process, whether buying or renting. A reader got in touch with us recently in the comments section to complain about a fair housing issue.

“My Mom lives in low income housing and has been discriminated against due to her disability, HPHA not wanting to accommodate her by installing her AC or allowing her to install it herself due to her asthma and breathing problems doctor orders/note saying that she needs this to help with her disabilityshe is being wrongfully evicted, now homeless and is a victim of discrimination and violence against women act Due to HPHA and their property manager…”

While there’s no specific question mentioned in this comment aside from, “can someone please help”, we did feel it was important to address this in the only way we know how-by directing such queries to the proper agency.

At the very least it’s important to be literate about Fair Housing Act rights and responsibilities, so we urge all who need this information to go to the HUD official site’s webpage about Fair Housing issues:

This website is in no way affiliated with the FHA, HUD, or the United States government. We can’t handle Fair Housing complaints or give out legal advice, but we can definitely offer the right resources for filing a Fair Housing complaint with the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The HUD official site urges those who find themselves in circumstances where they feel housing discrimination has occurred to report the violations. According to

“People who believe they have experienced discrimination may file a complaint by contacting HUDs Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity at (800) 669-9777 (voice) or (800) 927-9275 (TTY). Housing discrimination complaints may also be filed by going to, or by downloading HUDs free housing discrimination mobile application, which can be accessed through Apple and Android devices.”

Often a complaint filed via the resources above is the only thing stopping continued Fair Housing Act violations in a given case. If you experience a violation of your Fair Housing rights, chances are that it may happen again unless you report the violation as soon as possible.

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