March 7, 2021

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Do You Need Down Payment Help?

FHA Loans Versus Conventional Mortgages

If you aren’t sure whether to apply for an FHA loan or a conventional mortgage to purchase or refinance your home, there are some comparisons you can make between FHA and conventional loans. Don’t pull the trigger on a new loan application without comparing the features of both types of loan. Even if you decide not to choose an FHA mortgage in the end, making the most informed decision you can is paramount. FHA Mortgage Payoff Rules Borrowers who refinance or pay off their mortgage early by paying extra each month or doubling down on payments at some point should know that certain mortgages may subject you to a financial penalty for doing so. Your loan may also have a different procedure for making the final payment–be sure to know | more...

Mortgage Rate Trends

FHA Mortgage Loan Interest Rate Watch

FHA 30-year fixed rate mortgages have, at press time a 52-week average of 2.25% (best execution or assuming ideal circumstances) at the lowest end and 4.0% at the highest. However, the numbers currently available–the rates for FHA 30-year fixed-rate mortgages at press time–are listed a 2.88%, a definite rise from the lowest point on the 52-week average. Reading this, some future home loan applicants are likely wondering if they should hurry up and apply for a mortgage even if they are not quite ready to do so. If you read finance blogs and mortgage industry writers, you discover that among some industry professionals, there’s a view that the economic stimulus has at least a partial role in creating conditions ripe for mortgage loan interest rates to start going up again. | more...

Construction Loans For First-Time Home Buyers

Home Loan Approval: Documents You Need To Get There

What’s the most important thing you can do in the planning stages of a new home loan? It really does not matter whether you might be contemplating buying a home with an FHA mortgage or building one on your own lot using an FHA Construction Loan known as the One-Time Close mortgage; there are some documents you will need to gather in the planning stages to help you get closer to loan approval. Some of these documents are no surprise–your most recent pay information is a good example. Your lender will want to see verification of your current income. What is not so obvious? The reality that your loan officer might ask you to provide details about a salary or other income information from your previous employer, especially if you | more...

FHA Rehab Loans In 2021

Buying And Repairing A Home With An FHA 203(k) Rehab Loan

Are you considering home repairs and renovation? In 2021 some are as part of disaster recovery. Other homeowners need a home repair or upgrade, or they want to purchase a fixer-upper house. Whether you want to replace your current home, or remodel it, the FHA 203(k) rehab loan can help These rehabilitation loans (which are also available as a refinance loan) are for any home owner who wants to buy or refinance a property and repair or renovate it at the same time. There is a standard version of the 203(k) purchase and refinance loan, and a limited version of both for smaller renovation projects. Some Won’t Use An FHA 203(k) But some borrowers won’t use an FHA 203(k) rehab loan. They either cannot, due to the nature of the | more...

Buying A Home With A Lower Credit Score

FHA Loans: The Credit Check

FHA loan rules in HUD 4000.1 give instructions to the lender on how to establish an FHA borrower’s creditworthiness. FHA loan rules tend to be more flexible on credit issues than their conventional equivalents, but borrowers are still required to financially qualify. Are you looking for a condo loan, a mobile home loan? There’s an FHA loan for that. Do you want to build a house on your own land with an FHA construction loan? Some don’t realize the credit requirements in the FHA Lender’s Handbook are identical. For construction loans, borrowers should expect slightly higher credit requirements from the lender. But on paper, FHA loan rules make no distinction between different loan types and the minimum FICO score needed to qualify for maximum financing. One area that is also | more...


Happy Presidents Day

Happy Presidents’ Day 2021! Today banks and markets are closed, and we pause from our usual schedule of writing posts and giving information about FHA home loans to observe the holiday. We return with our regular content schedule tomorrow. Thank you for reading!

FHA Loan Waiting Times After Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Can I Get An FHA Mortgage After Bankruptcy?

People can and do apply for home loans, including FHA mortgages, following a bankruptcy filing. What does it take to be approved for an FHA home loan after filing bankruptcy? The key to loan approval in these cases? Time. You can’t simply apply for bankruptcy and six months later try to get a new home loan. FHA loan rules require a minimum time known as a “seasoning period” to be waited out. This seasoning period must pass before you are permitted to apply for a new FHA home loan. How does the seasoning period work? This part is confusing for some. We’ll review the specifics of FHA loan rules for each type of bankruptcy (Chapter 7 and Chapter 13) individually as there are unique rules for each. One consistent feature | more...

Refinance loans: is it time to commit?

On Buying Real Estate Sight Unseen With An FHA Mortgage

Would you buy a house without having personally walked through it? In the era of COVID-19, there are increased numbers of transactions where the buyer and seller negotiate the sale of a home and close the deal without the buyer ever having physically set foot on the property.  This practice is known as buying a house, “sight unseen” and the housing market website reports that for the year 2020, almost two thirds of those who bought real estate in 2020 had not seen the property in person. What does Redfin make of “the highest share since at least 2015″, according to a Redfin-commissioned survey in November and December”. That survey consisted of more than 1,900 homebuyers across 32 major markets, “up from 32% a year earlier, and 45% in | more...

Planning To Buy A Home? Credit Resources You Need

Foreclosure Relief Advice From The FDIC

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation or FDIC is the federal agency that is responsible for insuring public confidence in the American financial system. The agency issues advice and warnings to consumers (among many other things) to help them avoid scams and fraud associated with lending and banking. HUD recently announced extended foreclosure relief for borrowers affected by the global coronavirus pandemic. It’s a sad fact, but true, anytime home owners need mortgage relief the scammers begin coming out of the woodwork. And that has definitely been true in the past year with COVID-19-related scams, fraud, identity theft, etc.  It is true that the lowest of the low prey upon families in need during times of national crisis, but you can avoid getting scammed. Follow the FDIC’s advice on how to | more...

Mortgage Rate Trends

Low FHA Mortgage Rates In 2021

January of 2021 brought some anticipation about what might happen with home loan interest rates. Would conditions become less volatile and more stable? Would rates start to rise along with investor certainty in the markets that influence mortgage rates? Does fear and uncertainty persist in the new year? Some professional market watchers wrote (in the early days of January 2021) that mortgage rates got started this year minus volatility (at least early)…FHA loan rates on 30-year fixed-rate mortgages are reported in January 2021 below the three percent range–so far, fairly “typical” of what people have come to expect during the pandemic. At the time of this writing, you’ll find FHA mortgage loan interest rates are reported at 2.25% for “best execution” loans which have ideal conditions including a well-qualified borrower. | more...