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Home Equity Loans: The FHA Reverse Mortgage

The FHA Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) loan is a home equity loan option for qualifying borrowers 62 or older. There are no monthly payments on an FHA HECM. The borrower can get cash back on the transaction, and the loan is typically due in full when the borrower dies or sells the home. Qualifying HECM borrowers are, once their loan application is approved, able to withdraw “a portion of your home’s equity to use for home maintenance, repairs, or general living expenses,” according to the FHA and HUD official site.  You can also apply for an FHA reverse mortgage to purchase a primary residence, but you must use your own cash to make up any difference between FHA HECM funds, the sale price, and any associated closing costs.  HUD.gov | more...


Can An Eligible Veteran Build on Their Own Lot or Buy Land with a VA loan? 

If you are interested in purchasing a piece of land and financing it through a VA-approved lender, there are several loan options available for you. While a standalone VA land loan is not offered, the VA loan program does allow for the purchase of land when combined with the construction costs to build a new home. This loan product is known as a VA One-Time Close construction to permanent loan. It is a convenient loan option that includes the cost of the land plus the cost of the construction and even allows any VA funding fee to be financed into the loan. This Zero out-of-pocket financing allows eligible Veterans to have a true $0 down loan.   To utilize the VA loan for buying land and constructing a new home, | more...


HUD Takes Action To End Appraisal Bias

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is acting against bias in the appraisal system. “Owning a home provides a path to the American dream. Yet, that dream has been deferred for Black and Brown people, as we have consistently had our homes under-valued,” according to HUD Secretary Marcia L. Fudge, quoted in the 1 June 2023 HUD press release on these appraisal reforms. Fudge adds, “Having your home undervalued is bigger than just a number on a page. It can be the difference between getting a loan and not – between having enough money for retirement or not.” According to Fudge, the PAVE Task Force is a project meant to focus on “taking bold action to address appraisal bias – and renewing our commitment to doing everything in our | more...


Last Days To Apply For FHA Loan Forbearance Due To COVID-19

There is not much time left to apply for FHA loan forbearance because of COVID-19-related financial difficulties. Last month, the FHA and HUD published a Mortgagee Letter announcing a final deadline for COVID-19-related FHA home loan forbearance. That final deadline of May 31, 2023, for both FHA purchase loans and FHA Home Equity Conversion Mortgages, also known as FHA HECMs. There is not much time left to apply for FHA loan forbearance, if you have not started an application or discussions with your lender, now is the time to get started. Contact your lender to discuss your options; this mortgage relief requires the participation of your financial institution. COVID-Related FHA Loan Relief: A Timeline On April 1, 2020, HUD announced a new program called Forbearance for Borrowers Affected by the | more...

Build on your own lot. Construction loan basics

Build A House On Your Own Land With An FHA Mortgage

Some house hunters decide to stop looking at existing construction homes and start thinking about building a house for themselves from the ground up. Other people know from the start of their homeownership journey that they want to build and not buy an existing home. FHA home loan rules in HUD 4000.1 include guidelines for lenders who want to help these borrowers. The section of the rulebook titled “Building on Own Land” tells lenders how to proceed with a construction loan including maximum loan amounts, who can act as the general contractor on the project, and more. Are you interested in having a house built for you on your own lot? Not interested in having to choose from existing construction housing? Building on your own land may be the right | more...

Construction Loan Advice For New Borrowers

Are You Ready For A Construction Loan in 2023?

You can use a One-Time Close construction loan to build a new home on your own land or land you buy in conjunction with the loan. This is a good option to think about if you want a house with designs you’ve approved instead of buying someone else’s house. Getting Your Loan Started Finding a participating FHA or VA lender, depending on the loan you choose is an integral part of the construction loan process. You should also know that construction loan mortgages require higher FICO scores and more time before move-in than a typical home purchase loan. But the end results are worth it. But just as important? Finding the right builder. One-Time Close loans don’t allow the borrower, builder, relatives of the buyer, etc . to act as | more...

What Credit Score Is Needed For An FHA Mortgage?

What Are FHA Home Loan Discount Points?

If you don’t know what discount points are, you should explore them as an option to lower your mortgage loan interest rate while still in the planning and saving stages of your FHA mortgage. For new purchase loans, including FHA One-Time Close construction mortgages, FHA Condo loans, or FHA Mobile Home loans, discount points may help you save money upfront on your mortgage over the loan’s lifetime. Discount points aren’t for everyone–some borrowers prioritize reducing their upfront costs and these FHA loan applicants won’t be interested in points. Why? They represent a larger upfront and out-of-pocket expense. But for those who want to pay more upfront so they can save money down the line should consider points. What are these home loan discount points? The financial website Investopedia.com defines them | more...

FHA loans

Can I Do My Own Contracting Work With An FHA One-Time Close Construction Loan?

When applying for an FHA One-Time Close / Single-Close construction loan to have a house built from the ground up, some borrowers want to know if the FHA construction loan program will permit the borrower to act as her own contractor. FHA loan rules found in HUD 4000.1 would seem to make this question fairly easy to answer, but look beyond this quote from the FHA home loan rulebook-this isn’t the only rule that governs the FHA construction loan process: “The Borrower must have contracted with a builder to construct the improvements. The builder must be a licensed general contractor. While the FHA guidelines state “The Borrower may act as the general contractor, only if the Borrower is also a licensed general contractor,” the FHA lender can choose not to | more...

Home Loans For Building On Your Own Land

One-Time Close Construction Hints

One-Time Close (OTC) loans allow borrowers to build a house on their own lot instead of having to choose from existing properties. You can be a first-time home buyer and still be approved for a One-Time Close construction loan, also known as Single-Close loans or Single-Close construction mortgages. If you have never examined your options on the real estate market, it’s easy to assume you aren’t financially qualified for a construction loan. After all, that sounds like a very big undertaking, doesn’t it? Having a house built for you? That may sound like something that other people might qualify for, but the fact is that FHA and VA OTC loans have the same requirements as any other FHA or VA mortgage. These loans are designed to be more affordable, and that | more...

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Can You Buy Land With An FHA Loan?

There are several reasons why a house hunter looking for a home to purchase with a VA mortgage might want to buy a piece of land. In times when the housing market is favorably inclined towards new construction loans, some buyers might want a government insured loan for a proposed construction or new construction purchase; others might want to buy a piece of land for a manufactured home or mobile home.