November 14, 2019

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Homes You Can And Cannot Buy With An FHA Mortgage

FHA Home Loan Mortgage Rates

Just as we headed into 2019, the FHA and HUD announced higher FHA loan guaranty limits for the new year, giving most counties a boost in the dollar amount the FHA would back for an FHA mortgage loan. Now, as we read headlines from reputable sources including Marketwatch, about home loan interest rates, it seems like now is a very good time to be a first-time home buyer or a repeat borrower looking to purchase or refinance residential property with an FHA mortgage. One recent Marketwatch article about home loan interest rates includes the blurb. “Rates for home loans were mixed, but stayed near recent lows, even as bond market moves suggest another big step down lies ahead. “ That is according to Andrea Riquier’s June 20th article titled, “Mortgage | more...

FHA Home Loan Assumptions

Lower Home Prices And FHA Mortgages

House prices in 2019 seem to be “at risk” to go lower according to some industry reports. If you are researching home prices (especially for those in housing markets on the West Coast) you may read about these issues being higher than usual for a variety of reasons. How Do Declining Home prices Affect FHA Home Loans? If the value or asking price of a neighborhood is in decline, it may affect certain options you have to negotiate with the seller. Your seller may or may not be willing to negotiate on items like the allowable six-percent-of-the-sale-price contributions toward closing costs the seller can make. Sellers may agree to pay this six percent as an incentive for the borrower to purchase the real estate. But if prices are going down | more...

5 Uses For An FHA Mortgage Loan

FHA and HUD Announce Higher FHA Loan Limits For 2019

The FHA and HUD have announced higher FHA home loan limits for 2019. The higher loan limits come in part thanks to “robust increases in median housing prices” according to the FHA/HUD official site. Nationwide, the limit for “average” housing markets is set in 2019 at $314,827, an increase from 2018’s limit of $294,515. The FHA is required by the National Housing Act (and amendments to that act passed in 2008) to establish FHA forward loan limits “at 115 percent of median house prices”, which include both a “floor” and a “ceiling” on those yearly limits.  No FHA loan limits have gone down for 2019. For 2019, most areas of the country will see an increase. The FHA/HUD press release states maximum loan limits for FHA forward mortgages will rise | more...

What You Should Know About Mortgage Loan Interest Rates And The Fed Rate Cut

What You Need To Know About FHA Loan Limits For 2019

FHA loan limits for 2019 will be higher than for 2018. We will cover the specifics of this news in another blog post, but there are some basics first-time home buyers should know about FHA loan limits that will help save time in the loan preparation process. FHA Home Loan Limits For 2019 Are Higher For Every Type Of Property Available To Buy With An FHA Mortgage Single family homes can be many things; condo units, duplexes, multi-unit properties, mobile homes, etc. No matter what property type you wish to purchase with an FHA mortgage loan, the FHA loan limits for 2019 have increased. One of the most important factors in determining your FHA loan limit in the new year is your location, rather than whether you want to buy | more...

Top Tips For FHA One-Time Close Mortgages

Are You Ready To Buy A Home With An FHA Mortgage?

Are you ready to buy a home with an FHA mortgage? There are ways to tell how close you are to being ready to start house hunting and move out of the planning stages of your new home loan. Do You Know Your FHA Loan Limit? The FHA home loan limit varies depending on the housing market; some areas are more expensive than others and have a higher loan limit, others are “average” and conform to the median FHA loan limit nationwide. Some housing markets may be less expensive than others and feature a lower FHA loan limit, but the only way to tell is to either ask a lender what FHA mortgage loan limits are like or look the limits up for your area. Remember that FHA loan limits | more...

Does The Fed Interest Rate Cut Also Cut Mortgage Loan Rates?

FHA Loan-To-Value Limits: More Rules You Should Know

In a previous blog post, we discussed some of the basic loan-to-value ratio rules (LTV) for FHA loans. Your loan-to-value ratio is calculated based on the amount of the required down payment a borrower has to make as part of the FHA mortgage loan transaction. When you buy a home using an FHA mortgage, the loan-to-value ratio can be affected by your FICO scores. A higher down payment requirement means a different LTV than for those who make the lowest possible downpayment on an FHA mortgage loan of 3.5% of the adjusted value of the property. But credit score issues aren’t the only things that can affect a borrower’s LTV on an FHA mortgage to buy a new home. Some FHA loan transactions, under FHA loan policy, require as much | more...

Buying A Home With An FHA Loan: Should You Skip The Home Appraisal?

FHA Home Loans and Loan-To-Value Limits: Rules You Should Know

FHA home loans have limits on the amount of the loan, how much of the loan the FHA will guarantee, and the loan-to-value ratio or LTV. The LTV of your home loan is basically the percentage of the mortgage compared to the value of the property. There’s an loan-to-value calculation required in part because the borrower is required in most cases to make a minimum down payment for “forward mortgages”. These down payments are not required by FHA loan rules for FHA rehab loans to fix or replace qualifying homes in federally-declared disaster areas, but for all other new purchase FHA loans, the borrower will be required to make a minimum down payment. FHA loan rules in HUD 4000.1 spell out the requirements for this down payment and calculating the | more...

Preparing For An FHA Mortgage? What You Need To Know About "Contingent Liabilities"

How Much Can I Borrow With An FHA Mortgage In 2018?

How much can I borrow with an FHA mortgage in 2018? There’s no single answer to this question for a variety of reasons, but in general there are things you should know about an FHA mortgage that can help you understand how much you are able to borrow to buy a home. FHA Loan Limits Are Set By County FHA loan limits are broken down by county in each state. You can see a good example of this and learn what the FHA limit for your area is for the current year, but it is important to note that the dollar amounts you see are calculated before add-ons to the loan such as mortgage insurance premius, FHA Energy Efficient Mortgages, etc. In other words, your loan limit is calculated with the | more...

Can I Refinance An Inherited Home With An FHA Cash-Out Refi Loan?

Higher FHA Loan Limits For 2018

The FHA has announced FHA loan limits for 2018, and the new numbers mean good news for those looking to buy a home in the new year. The “national conforming loan limit” for 2018 is set at $453,100, up from last year’s limit of $424,100 (see below). The higher limit means more potential borrowing power for qualified FHA loan applicants. According to the announcement on the FHA official site, there are higher limits for 2018. The Federal Housing Administration calculates “forward mortgage limits based on the median house prices in accordance with the National Housing Act. FHA’s Single Family forward mortgage limits are set by Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) and county and are published periodically.” The FHA sets loan limits “at or between the low cost area and high cost | more...

Five reasons to buy your first real estate with an FHA home loan.

Buying Land With An FHA Loan

There are several reasons why a house hunter looking for a home to purchase with a VA mortgage might want to buy a piece of land. In times when the housing market is favorably inclined towards new construction loans, some buyers might want a government insured loan for a proposed construction or new construction purchase; others might want to buy a piece of land for a manufactured home or mobile home.