May 11, 2021

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FHA Home Loan

What You Need To Know About FHA Jumbo Loans

How much home loan can you apply for successfully? The answer, depending on the housing market and other variables, might surprise you. It’s one thing to apply for a home loan that meets or is lower than the annual county limit established by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). Those loans are easier to qualify for because they can be purchased or guaranteed by Fannie Mae and Freddie mac. They are known as conforming loans. But what about those who seek loans that are priced higher than that per-county limit? The answer itself is simple–borrowers can apply for a loan that exceeds county limits. These higher loans are called jumbo mortgages. Borrowers who qualify for them can get a home loan that’s higher than the county limit. But before you | more...

Higher FHA Loan Limits In 2021

Buying Land With An FHA Loan

There are several reasons why a house hunter looking for a home to purchase with a VA mortgage might want to buy a piece of land. In times when the housing market is favorably inclined towards new construction loans, some buyers might want a government insured loan for a proposed construction or new construction purchase; others might want to buy a piece of land for a manufactured home or mobile home.

FHA Loan Limits For High-Cost and Low-Cost Areas

FHA Loan Limits For High-Cost and Low-Cost Areas

FHA mortgages have limits established by county–the limits are not the same in all markets or in all zip codes nationwide. It is true that FHA loan limits are the same for a great many zip codes, but not all. FHA loan limits vary depending on whether the housing market in question is in a high-cost area, a low-cost area, or one that is “typical”. And the amount of the FHA loan limits have nothing to do with the borrower’s ability to qualify for a loan or for a specific amount–you can’t qualify for a higher loan limit by having a better FICO score. FHA home loan limits are set nationwide, usually once at end of the previous year–the annual limits are posted by the FHA and HUD, and go | more...

How FHA Home Loan Limits Are Set

How FHA Home Loan Limits Are Set

How does your lender know how much home loan to approve you for when you want to buy a home? Part of that process is learning the official FHA home loan limit in the housing market where you want to buy or build your home. The Federal Housing Administration sets FHA loan limits each year. There is a maximum FHA loan amount that is established in accordance with the National Housing Act. Five Things You Need To Know About FHA Loan Limits Five things you’ll need to remember about FHA purchase loan limits for suburban homes, condo units, having a house built for you on your own lot, etc. are: FHA mortgage loan limits vary by county; Loan limits may be exceeded if you are applying for an FHA Jumbo | more...

Gathering Your Home Loan Documents And Preparing For The Application

How FHA Loan Limits Work

New home buyers have a lot to learn about the process of applying for and being approved for FHA home loans. The advantages of the FHA mortgage include lower down payment requirements and more forgiving FICO score rules…but how can a new borrower know how much loan they are permitted to apply for? HUD 4000.1, explains how FHA loan limits work. This handbook, a comprehensive guide to the FHA Single-Family Home Loan program, explains how loan limits work: “A Mortgage that is to be insured by FHA cannot exceed the Nationwide Mortgage Limits, the nationwide area mortgage limit, or the maximum Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio.” These limits are set based on median house prices and are influenced by the home loan limits established by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. One Size | more...

FHA Appraisal Refunds?

FHA Home Loan Limits: Facts You Should Know In 2020

What kind of loan do you need in the new year? Are you interested in an FHA One-Time Close construction loan to build on your own land? An FHA purchase loan for existing construction? You’ll need to know a bit about home loan limits and how they affect your transaction. The FHA and HUD announced higher loan guaranty limits for another year–2020 rates will increase in many housing markets with a small number of areas receiving no increases. Conforming Loan Limits In 2020 A conforming loan is a mortgage meeting guidelines established by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac including a maximum dollar amount. Your FHA home loan can be at or below a certain amount established each year by county. Conforming loan limits are basically the Fannie and Freddie limits | more...

FHA Home Loan

FHA Home Loan Mortgage Rates

Just as we headed into 2019, the FHA and HUD announced higher FHA loan guaranty limits for the new year, giving most counties a boost in the dollar amount the FHA would back for an FHA mortgage loan. Now, as we read headlines from reputable sources including Marketwatch, about home loan interest rates, it seems like now is a very good time to be a first-time home buyer or a repeat borrower looking to purchase or refinance residential property with an FHA mortgage. One recent Marketwatch article about home loan interest rates includes the blurb. “Rates for home loans were mixed, but stayed near recent lows, even as bond market moves suggest another big step down lies ahead. “ That is according to Andrea Riquier’s June 20th article titled, “Mortgage | more...


FHA Loan Rules: Adding Repairs To The Sale Price Of The Home

FHA loan rules for new purchase home loans include regulations on how the cost of repairs can be added to the sale price of the home to be purchased with an FHA mortgage. Th rules for this are found in HUD 4155.1, Chapter 2 Section Five, which states: “Repairs and improvements may be added to the sales price before calculating the mortgage amount when the • repairs and improvements are required by the appraiser as essential for property eligibility, and paid by the borrower, and • sales contract or addendum identifies the borrower as responsible for payment, and completion of the repairs.” FHA loan rules in this section state that, “Only repairs and improvements required by the appraiser may be included.” How does this all work? Chapter Five has a | more...

Home loan approval and debt

Lower Home Prices And FHA Mortgages

House prices in 2019 seem to be “at risk” to go lower according to some industry reports. If you are researching home prices (especially for those in housing markets on the West Coast) you may read about these issues being higher than usual for a variety of reasons. How Do Declining Home prices Affect FHA Home Loans? If the value or asking price of a neighborhood is in decline, it may affect certain options you have to negotiate with the seller. Your seller may or may not be willing to negotiate on items like the allowable six-percent-of-the-sale-price contributions toward closing costs the seller can make. Sellers may agree to pay this six percent as an incentive for the borrower to purchase the real estate. But if prices are going down | more...

FHA Home Loan Income Rules

FHA and HUD Announce Higher FHA Loan Limits For 2019

The FHA and HUD have announced higher FHA home loan limits for 2019. The higher loan limits come in part thanks to “robust increases in median housing prices” according to the FHA/HUD official site. Nationwide, the limit for “average” housing markets is set in 2019 at $314,827, an increase from 2018’s limit of $294,515. The FHA is required by the National Housing Act (and amendments to that act passed in 2008) to establish FHA forward loan limits “at 115 percent of median house prices”, which include both a “floor” and a “ceiling” on those yearly limits.  No FHA loan limits have gone down for 2019. For 2019, most areas of the country will see an increase. The FHA/HUD press release states maximum loan limits for FHA forward mortgages will rise | more...