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FHA Home Loan

February 6, 2023

FHA Loan Credit Score Issues

If you do not know your credit score when you start reading this article, it’s best to plan to pull your credit reports as soon as possible after reading. If you want to get properly ready for a home loan application, you should know your credit score, the contents of your credit report, and whether you need to challenge or correct information on your credit reports. FHA Loan Credit Standards FHA loan rules for credit | more...

FHA Requirements

FHA Refinance

FHA Loan Types

FHA Mortgage Loan

February 1, 2023

FHA Home Loan Myths Explained

There are plenty of myths about FHA home loans. For example, some people STILL believe the FHA home loan program is a need-based mortgage loan | more...

Special FHA Programs


July 14, 2022

HUD Announces Appraisal Update

The Department of Housing and Urban Development official site contains an FHA Mortgagee Letter published on July 12, 2022, which announces an important update to | more...