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Apply For An FHA Loan

If you are considering any type of home loan, be sure to explore your options with FHA mortgages, refinancing, or reverse mortgages. FHA loans offer a variety of advantages over conventional mortgages including lower interest rates (based on your financial qualifications), built-in protections for the buyer, and more. FHA New Purchase Loans There are many options with an FHA mortgage for single-family homes. New purchase loans include the option to add extra funds to the loan for energy-efficient upgrades or improvements. You can also consider purchasing a fixer-upper using an FHA rehab loan where funds are made available to repair/upgrade the property to FHA minimum standards. The loans mentioned above are intended for owner-occupied residences and would be not be available for investment properties. An FHA new purchase loan or | more...

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FHA Loan Facts And Fiction: First Time Home Buyers

First time home buyers come to the FHA loan process with many questions. There are some long-held misconceptions about FHA mortgages that borrowers should know long before they fill out a loan application. Let’s examine some of them. One myth about FHA loans, and one of the most common, is that the FHA itself lends money to loan applicants. This is not true. Instead, the borrower must find a participating FHA lender, who has been certified by the FHA to issue home loans under the FHA single-family loan program. Another misconception has to do with the nature of the FHA loan program itself, which offers affordable home loans to all qualified applicants regardless of their status as a home buyer. That means that first time home buyers and those who | more...

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FHA Loans Versus Conventional Loans

Here’s the Scoop on Conventional Loans from FHA.com on Vimeo. What are the differences between FHA home loans and conventional loans? There are several, some features of mortgage loans can vary depending on the lender, and state law may also affect how your home loan is handled depending on circumstances, but there are a few very important general differences to keep in mind when comparing FHA loans to conventional loans. The first difference is the basic nature of the loan itself. Conventional loans are not backed by the government, unlike FHA home loans where the FHA guarantees a portion of the loan to make it more attractive to the lender to issue credit. In the event that a borrower defaults on an FHA loan, the lender and the FHA have | more...


FHA Loan Questions and Answers

Tired of renting and looking to purchase a home of your own? There are many questions many first time home buyers or first time FHA loan applicants have. Here is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about FHA mortgages. Is There An Income Limit For FHA Loans? No. FHA mortgages are not designed specifically for one type of financial situation or another. You cannot “earn too much” with the FHA single family home loan program. All wage earners are encouraged to explore their FHA loan options. Is There A First-Time Home Buyer Advantage Or Preference With FHA Mortgages? While an individual lender may offer certain perks for first-time home buyers, the FHA single family home loan program itself does not have a first time home buyer | more...


How Much Can I Borrow With An FHA Mortgage Loan?

One of the most common questions about FHA loans is, “How much can I borrow?” The answer to that question is a lot easier to get by using an online mortgage calculator to factor in the length or term of the loan, interest rate (estimated), estimated property taxes and other details. Some of the information you need to calculate how much you can borrow depends on circumstances. The interest rate, for example, is determined in part by what rates are on offer currently based on market conditions and other factors but also by your credit history and FICO scores. The better your FICO scores are, the better the interest rates. The borrower and the lender negotiate interest rates on FHA mortgages, they are not set or regulated by the FHA | more...

When Is An FHA Loan Better Than A Conventional Loan?

FHA Loan Rules In HUD 4000.1 On Closing Costs, Discount Points

FHA loan rules in HUD 4000.1 include some instructions to the lender about closing costs, discount points, down payment funds, and much more. Can a borrower use closing costs as part of his or her down payment? What does the FHA rulebook say about interest rate lock-in fees? There are many rules and regulations–borrowers and lenders alike should be familiar with the guidelines. For example, when it comes to the down payment question, FHA loan rules are clear that the down payment money is a separate and distinct thing from closing costs. Specifically, HUD 4000.1 states: “The Mortgagee is not permitted to use closing costs to help the Borrower meet the Minimum Required Investment (MRI).” So that means an FHA borrower will need to budget for both closing costs and | more...


Where Do I Go for an FHA Insured Home Loan?

First time home buyers often don't know where to start when it comes time to find that first home. Locating properties for sale isn't challenging--there are plenty of for sale signs in or near practically every neighborhood and even more to browse in the local papers and online real estate listings. But finding the home is only part of the challenge. Where does a buyer find a suitable lender? A buyer who wants an FHA home loan might not know where to start looking to find a lender. Conventional borrowers have it easier--any suitable bank with the right terms will do.


How to Shop For an FHA Home Loan

Applying for an FHA loan is, in the minds of some borrowers, the beginning of the process. But when you fill out an application for an FHA insured mortgage, you should actually be ending one process and starting another. One of the most important aspects of getting an FHA loan is finding the right lender and the most favorable terms. But how should an FHA borrower do that? Some go into their FHA loan research thinking the only real data needed is a list of interest rates on offer and calculating the monthly payment amounts is enough.


FHA Loans: Using Online Calculators to Choose the Loan For You

When you want to get an FHA loan--especially for that first home purchase--there are a lot of options to choose from. How does a buyer know which FHA loan product to choose? There are many ways to answer that question, but it all depends on the buyer, what his or her goals are, and how important certain kinds of savings are to the future home owner.