August 4, 2020

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FHA Loan Limits For High-Cost and Low-Cost Areas

Planning Your Home Loan

The planning stage of your home loan is extremely important. This is where you will determine what kind of home you might want, the price range you can afford, and how much down payment you need to save up to make. One big choice you face in the planning process? Decisions about issues related to long-term occupancy of the home, whether you plan to sell within a short or long amount of time and how you should arrange your financing to accommodate those needs. What kind of arrangements? Some borrowers don’t apply for a fixed-rate mortgage. They know they are not keeping the home for the long-term and choose to take advantage of lower interest rates offered in the introductory period of an FHA Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) instead of | more...

One-Time Close Construction Loan Options For Veterans

Your Construction Loan Options

Build a home instead of buying an existing one? This is a reality and there are plenty of choices to go around; FHA One-Time Close construction loans, the VA construction loan equivalent, USDA construction loans, and even conventional mortgages to build on your own land instead of buying an existing home. These loans all have features that are different than existing construction loans. They include how long it takes for you to move in, when your mortgage payments begin, and the kinds of features your home may have. Construction loans can be a bit more complex than a new purchase loan for a house in a typical neighborhood, and some read articles like this and want to be ready to commit, but an equal number of people read this but | more...

Why Buy A Home In 2020?

Why Buy A Home In 2020?

There are many reasons why it’s smart to think about looking for a forever home in 2020; owning instead of renting, the ability to freely customize your living space, being able to apply for cash-out refinancing to convert part of your home’s value into cash, and never having to wait for a landlord to fix a problem in the home. But in 2020 there’s another reason to consider owning a home soon; a report indicates that 2020 is going to be a good year for home values depending on the housing market. The Zillow Home Price Expectations Survey from the 4th quarter of 2019 includes data that indicates U.S. home values may grow by 2.8% in 2020. Rising or hot-again housing markets in the new year include Austin, Texas | more...

One Time Close Mortgage Loans: The Base Home Sales Price

Myths About One-Time Close Construction Loans

You can build a house from the ground up using a One-Time Close construction loan; many borrowers want to take advantage of these types of loans as the government-backed versions of the One-Time Close construction loan feature very low down payment requirements and the same financial qualification rules as other VA or FHA mortgages. One Time Close Myth: I Can’t Afford To Build A Home Instead Of Buying One It’s easy to assume that building a home will cost you more money than buying an existing construction property. But what kind of home do you need? Are you building a house to start a family in? Or are you building a home that you want to retire in? The overall cost of your project will depend on details like these, | more...

One-Time Close Construction Loan Options For Veterans

One-Time Close Construction Loan Options For Veterans

There are reasons why some veterans don’t use their VA loan benefits to buy a house at that moment. The reasons for that, we’ll discuss below. But it is important for military members and their families to know the options they have when looking for a home to build on their own lot. There are plenty of options; which type of One-Time Close construction loan to choose from? Those who have entitlement to use for a VA mortgage loan to build a home would seem to choose to do so based on the zero down home loan option all by itself. Add the lack of a mortgage insurance requirement, and the fact that veterans who receive (or are eligible to receive) VA compensation for service-connected medical issues are exempt from | more...

Build A Home On Your Own Land With A One-Time Close Construction Loan

Build A Home On Your Own Land With A One-Time Close Construction Loan

A construction loan to build a house on your own land is not out of reach even for a first-time homebuyer. There are multiple options for building a home from the ground up; you can apply for an FHA One-Time Close loan, a VA construction loan, and there are even USDA construction loans that allow qualified borrowers (this is a need-based loan) to build a house instead of buying an existing one. But there are some mistakes some house hunters make when pursuing a construction loan you should avoid; sidestepping these can definitely help you save time and money. Save Early For Your Down Payment Some construction loans (VA and USDA) have no down payment requirement. All others do. And even the VA and USDA equivalents of an FHA One-Time | more...

The FHA Loan That Helps You Build On Your Own Lot

The FHA Loan That Helps You Build On Your Own Lot

The FHA One-Time Close construction loan FHA One-Time Close Loan is a mortgage that lets the borrower design and build a home on the borrower’s own land. If you would rather build a home rather than look at real estate listings for an existing construction house, the One-Time Close loan is for you. There is an FHA version of the One-Time Close construction mortgage that requires a low 3.5% down payment. There is also a version of this construction loan offered by the VA to qualifying veterans and currently serving military members. The VA One-time Close construction loan has a 0% down / zero-down option. No money down is required for a VA construction loan up to the VA loan limit. See the end of this article for more information | more...

How FHA Home Loan Limits Are Set

FHA Mortgage Rates For The Rest Of 2019

Those who are ready to buy a house, or build a home on their own land using an FHA construction loan are considering their options at a time when mortgages are said to be as much as $200 cheaper than this time last year (depending on the price, down payment, and other factors). Mortgage rates in general are lower now than predicted last year and the rates are, according to some market watchers, due to remain low in November 2019 if the predictions come true. There are a variety of factors affecting mortgage loan interest rates at the moment; Brexit has an effect on investor behavior that can influence mortgage rates, the tariff war with China is another variable. Add to that consumer behavior in U.S. housing markets, and the | more...

Home Loan Forbearance Options

FHA Loans For Buying, Building, Or Assembling A Home

Did you know that FHA home loans can help you buy an existing home as a first-time home buyer, but can also help a first-timer or experienced homeowner have a house built for them from the ground up on your own lot or a lot you purchase in connection with the mortgage. It’s also possible to have a manufactured home assembled for you on a lot you purchase or already own. These loans, especially the FHA One-Time Close mortgage for building a home from the ground up, are offered to both experienced borrowers and first time home buyers alike with no difference in the basic terms and conditions. That means that a first-time borrower is not penalized for being a first-timer; there are no elevated down payment requirements, no added | more...