October 26, 2021

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Apply For An FHA Loan In 2016

If you are considering any type of home loan in 2016, be sure to explore your options with FHA mortgages, refinancing, or reverse mortgages. FHA loans offer a variety of advantages over conventional mortgages including lower interest rates (based on your financial qualifications), built-in protections for the buyer, and more. FHA New Purchase Loans There are many options with an FHA mortgage for single-family homes. New purchase loans include the option to add extra funds to the loan for energy-efficient upgrades or improvements. You can also consider purchasing a fixer-upper using an FHA rehab loan where funds are made available to repair/upgrade the property to FHA minimum standards. The loans mentioned above are intended for owner-occupied residences and would be not be available for investment properties. An FHA new purchase | more...

Do You Need Down Payment Help?

FHA Home Loan Pre-Approval And Mortgage Loan Approval

We encourage potential FHA borrowers to get pre-approved for a home loan before house hunting. If you are new to the home loan process, you might not be sure what the difference is between FHA loan approval and getting pre-approved for an FHA mortgage. What is that difference? Getting through the initial pre-approval application does not mean you’ve been fully approved for the mortgage. But it IS an important tool for soon-to-be homeowners. Home loan pre-approval is a tool for both borrower and lender to determine if you’re ready to buy based on your income, debt to income ratio levels, the amount of down payment you have saved, etc. Think of pre-approval as the start of the loan process, but it is not a guarantee that you have an FHA | more...

FHA Loan

Where To Find An FHA Home Loan

Where do you get an FHA home loan? The simplest answer is that you get one from a participating FHA lender. Not all banks or financial institutions support FHA home loans, and those that choose to do so must be vetted and approved by the government first. FHA Loans Are Offered By Participating Lenders As mentioned above, not all lenders participate in the FHA loan program–but did you know some are not permitted to participate, and some may not be certified by the FHA yet? Your search for a lender may seem daunting, but you can be matched with a participating lender online and do the initial loan screening online, too. You’ll need a variety of information including your estimated budget for the purchase, the desired term of the loan | more...

FHA Rehab Loans In 2021

FHA Rehabilitation Loans In 2020

Are you interested in buying and fixing up a home, or refinancing and remodeling your current home? These are projects are possible in 2020 thanks to the FHA Rehabilitation Loan, also known as the FHA 202(k) Rehabilitation Loan or the refinance loan version of it. The FHA has a program that allows borrowers to apply for a mortgage loan in order to improve a property. The FHA 203(k) rehab loan is intended for borrowers who want to buy or refinance the property and do repairs, but not all borrowers have big rehab projects or work that requires a huge sum of money. Two Rehab Loan Options Open To You There are two different types of 203(k) loans-the “full” version is available for larger projects including work on loan-bearing structures, but | more...

FHA Home Loan Income Rules

FHA Loan Credit Score Issues

If you do not know your credit score when you start reading this article, it’s best to plan to pull your credit reports as soon as possible after reading. If you want to get properly ready for a home loan application, you should know your credit score, the contents of your credit report, and whether you need to challenge or correct information on your credit reports. FHA Loan Credit Standards FHA loan rules for credit and FICO scores are minimum requirements. The minimums acceptable to the FHA are a baseline for the lender who may add higher credit score requirements depending on a variety of circumstances. What we’re discussing here are the FHA rules, lender requirements will vary. The FHA “Minimum Decision Credit Score” (MDCS) HUD 4000.1 is the FHA | more...

Happy Holidays 2019

Happy Holidays 2019!

Happy Holidays! We’re pausing from our usual schedule of writing about home loans, mortgage trends, FHA and HUD news, and related topics in order to celebrate the holiday season with friends and family. From all of us here, have a fun and safe holiday season! Our normal schedule resumes on Thursday, December 26, 2019. Thank you for reading!

The FHA One-Time Close Construction Loan: An Option In 2020

The One-Time Close Construction Loan: An Option In 2020

FHA home loan options in 2020 don’t have to be limited to getting a home loan to purchase existing construction property; there is a way to apply for an FHA mortgage that lets you have a home built to suit from the ground up on your own land. These construction home loans, known as One-Time Close construction loans, are offered by the FHA, the VA, and even the USDA and can help even a first-time homebuyer get a house built to their specifications with a low down payment. Yes. you read that correctly. First-time home buyers are permitted to apply for the One Time Close construction loan. So are experienced homeowners. One-Time Close construction loans are good for borrowers who want a home that meets their standards, but the loan | more...

Planning To Buy A Home? Credit Resources You Need

FHA Home Loan Applications In 2020

If you are considering the purchase of a home or having a house built for you on your own land in 2020, you are thinking about making the commitment to a mortgage at a very good time. FHA loan limits have been increased for another year, the previous year has been a very good one for mortgage loan interest rates, and even those contemplating refinancing instead of buying have more to think about in 2020 than in years past. Are you ready to apply for a purchase loan, construction loan, or FHA refinance in the new year? Know The Content Of Your Credit Reports If you do not know what your credit report says about you, if you have no idea what your credit score is, be sure to give | more...

FHA Mortgage Loan Issues: "Identity Of Interest"

FHA Mortgages And Conventional Loans: Which Is Better?

Are there real differences between FHA mortgage loans and conventional real estate loans? The short answer is yes, the first and most basic difference is that an FHA mortgage is guaranteed by the government, where a conventional loan is not. And there are many other differences. The government’s guarantee to the lender to back a certain portion of each FHA mortgage makes the loan a better risk for the financial institution offering you a line of credit. It doesn’t matter if you want to build a home on your own lot, buy a condo unit, or a mixed-use property (that’s mostly residential). There are FHA loans for all those purposes and at the same low down payment requirements that FHA mobile home loans and single-family houses have. Just because you | more...

Buying A Home With A Lower Credit Score

FHA Loans And Buy-To-Let Mortgages

What is a buy-to-let mortgage? These loans, popular in Britain and elsewhere, are basically designed for investment property buyers. They are similar in purpose (not in terms or conditions) to bank statement loans in that both are intended to help investors and small business people. FHA home loans do not include a buy-to-let loan, but those who want to be owner/occupiers can purchase a property with as many as four living units with an FHA mortgage. You can buy a multi-unit home with an FHA mortgage, live in one or more of the units, and rent out the unused units to other tenants. This is completely acceptable under the terms of the FHA Single-Family home loan program. The requirement is that you live in the property yourself. Buy-to-let loans that | more...