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Articles Published in: March 2020

Mortgage Trends

Mortgage Rate Trends: Historic Lows In Early March

There are times when mortgage rates are low due to any number of factors. And then there are situations where rates fall so low that even people in the mortgage industry start reviewing their refinance options. Now is one of those times with mortgage rates for FHA and VA loans falling below the three percent threshold into the high two percent range. FHA loan and refinance loan rates, at these numbers, promise a more affordable home loan and they provide the most benefit for those who plan to keep their home for a long time and pay a significant portion of the mortgage (if not the whole thing). Those who want to buy and sell quickly won’t reap the same long-term financial benefits as those who buy and keep the | more...


HUD Announces Settlement In California Fair Housing Discrimination Case

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has announced a conciliation agreement in a California Fair Housing complaint alleging housing discrimination against those with children. Oberhauser Trust and its leasing agent, First Core Group, Inc. (doing business as Keller Williams Realty, in Glendale, California) were named in a complaint alleging denial of housing for a father of two; according to the HUD official site, this case was brought to the agency’s attention after the father was denied housing. According to a HUD press release, “…a father of two and his father-in-law filed a complaint alleging that the father was denied the opportunity to rent a condominium because he has two young daughters who would be living with him part-time.” The complaint alleges that an application to rent a condo | more...