January 24, 2021

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Happy New Year 2021!

We hope your holiday season has been safe and fun. We pause from our usual posts about FHA home loans to enjoy New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day 2021, and our regular posting schedule resumes on Monday. Thanks for reading and have a great holiday.

FHA Loan Options

FHA Loan Options

Why choose an FHA mortgage? Why not apply for a USDA home loan or a VA mortgage? Aren’t these also government-backed loan programs? Yes, but FHA mortgages are open to any financially qualified applicant, while USDA loans are need-based mortgages for those who meet certain income requirements, and VA loans are not offered to the general public but are offered as a benefit for military service. There is nothing wrong with USDA mortgages or VA home loans. But they aren’t available for just any borrower, where FHA mortgages are offered to the general public. And what about applying for conventional mortgages? These non-government backed home loans have higher FICO score requirements in many cases, as well as higher down payment requirements in cases where the borrower’s credit scores aren’t as | more...


Happy Veterans Day 2020

Happy Veterans Day! Many banks will be closed to observe this federal holiday, bond markets are closed, and we pause in our usual routine of discussing home loan issues and answering questions about FHA home loans to honor our veterans. Thank a veteran for her service, and remember the sacrifices all our troops have made no matter where in the world they may be stationed. To all current and former members of the U.S. military, THANK YOU for your service! Our regular posting schedule resumes tomorrow.

Gathering Your Home Loan Documents And Preparing For The Application

Gathering Your Home Loan Documents And Preparing For The Application

Are you interested in applying for an FHA home loan this year or in early 2021? If so, it’s handy to make a checklist of the items you will need to have ready to submit to your participating FHA lender. What do you need to complete submit your FHA mortgage loan application? The lender will need a variety of information from you including documentation related to your job, your credit, and your lender will also ask you for tax records. Some balk at being asked to provide federal tax return information, but this is a requirement of doing business with your lender for a major investment. What do you need to apply for an FHA home loan? Proof of employment Proof of income Tax records (be ready to submit two | more...

FHA home loans

FHA Appraisal Rules: What You Should Know

The FHA appraisal process is a requirement. You can’t purchase a home with an FHA mortgage unless there has been an appraisal on the property to determine the fair market value of the home and to ensure the property meets FHA minimum standards. Today’s appraisal standards for FHA home loans do NOT include stepping out onto the roof or physically entering difficult-to-access spaces, which is why you should never purchase a home without arranging a home inspection. The appraisal requirements for your home purchase can be found in HUD 4000.1. These requirements apply to proposed construction, new construction, and existing construction properties. According to HUD 4000.1, “The Mortgagee must evaluate the appraisal and any supporting documentation to determine if the Property complies with HUDs Property Acceptability Criteria. Existing and New | more...


Apply For An FHA Loan In 2016

If you are considering any type of home loan in 2016, be sure to explore your options with FHA mortgages, refinancing, or reverse mortgages. FHA loans offer a variety of advantages over conventional mortgages including lower interest rates (based on your financial qualifications), built-in protections for the buyer, and more. FHA New Purchase Loans There are many options with an FHA mortgage for single-family homes. New purchase loans include the option to add extra funds to the loan for energy-efficient upgrades or improvements. You can also consider purchasing a fixer-upper using an FHA rehab loan where funds are made available to repair/upgrade the property to FHA minimum standards. The loans mentioned above are intended for owner-occupied residences and would be not be available for investment properties. An FHA new purchase | more...

HUD Brings Fair Housing Act Charges Against Atlanta Landlords

HUD Announces New Partnership To Enforce FHA Guidelines

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the agency and the Department of Justice designed to provide guidance on pursuing disciplinary actions in cases brought against participating FHA lenders who may be in violation under the False Claims Act (FCA). “This agreement clearly outlines our FHA mortgage program requirements, so they do not impede or discourage lenders from offering affordable FHA-insured loans to credit-worthy borrowers,” according to one HUD official quoted in the agency’s press release. The United States Attorney General is also quoted in the press release adding, “”This MOU sets forth a robust and collaborative process for deciding when to pursue False Claims Act cases to remedy material and knowing FHA violations,” The agreement means HUD and | more...

Do You Need Down Payment Help?

FHA Home Loans, Down Payments, And More: What You Need To Know Today

First-time borrowers have many questions about the FHA home loan process including the subjects of down payments, seller contributions, and down payment assistance. Borrowers need to know that there are certain federal laws that require FHA home loans to limit the contribution of any third party with a financial stake in the outcome of the mortgage, and it’s good to know how these rules work. Seller Contributions Versus Seller Downpayment Assistance FHA loan rules state clearly that the seller of the home may not contribute funds toward the borrower’s down payment. This is expressly forbidden in the FHA loan rulebook, HUD 4000.1. However, sellers are permitted to contribute toward the borrower’s closing costs, capped at a maximum of six percent of the adjusted price of the property. Contributions in excess | more...

HUD Announces Disaster Relief In The Wake Of Hurricane Laura

HUD Announces Disaster Relief For Alaska Earthquake Victims

Department of Housing and Urban Development has announced federal disaster assistance for the State of Alaska and those affected by the earthquake there. On January 31st, the President declared a major disaster area in Anchorage, Matanuska-Susitna Borough, and Kenai Peninsula Borough. A federal disaster declaration allows HUD to offer foreclosure relief and other assistance to those living in the affected areas. According to the press release, HUD offers immediate foreclosure relief to those with FHA mortgages in the disaster area. Borrowers should not delay in contact their FHA loan officers. Home loan disaster relief is not automatic and you will need to discuss your options with the lender as soon as possible once you know you will experience a delay in making payments. Borrowers are eligible for 100 percent financing, | more...


Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! Banks and markets are closed today to observe the holiday and we too feel it’s very important to remember this important day. America owes a great deal to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and we are proud to observe this day dedicated to him. We pause are regular coverage of FHA news and FHA loan topics to observe the holiday. We resume our usual schedule of posts tomorrow. Thanks for reading!