January 24, 2020

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Beware of Escrow Fraud

Need A Home Loan? Beware Of Escrow Fraud

There are common home loan scams that affect house hunters, even those applying for FHA home loans. One such scam–one you might actually encounter in your home buying journey–is called escrow fraud and it can affect even the most experienced homeowner if they are caught at just the wrong moment. Home Loan Scams Can Affect Any Type Of Mortgage Escrow scams are not associated with FHA mortgages alone, any type of home purchased with any type of home loan could be targeted. An important sense of any successful scam is creating a sense of urgency or emergency or a feeling that a big discount might be missed if you stop to consider the options. The scammer wants you to be in a hurry, not thinking critically, and ready to invest | more...


Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 2020! Banks and markets are closed today to observe the holiday and we too feel it’s very important to remember this important day. America owes a great deal to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We are proud to observe this day dedicated to him and pause our regular coverage of FHA news and FHA loan topics to observe the holiday. We resume our usual schedule of posts tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

The FHA One-Time Close Construction Loan: An Option In 2020

FHA Construction Loans Versus USDA Construction Loans

Why would borrowers choose to build a home on their own land using an FHA One-Time Close construction loan (which requires a down payment of 3.5%, minimum) instead of a no-money-down USDA home loan? There are several reasons why an FHA mortgage might be the better choice depending on circumstances, even with a required minimum down payment. That down payment is far less than some conventional loans require. USDA Mortgage or FHA Home Loan? USDA construction loans offer an advantage to eligible borrowers thanks to their zero down payment requirement. But a USDA mortgage is need-based, and these loans (even construction loans) have a household income cap. USDA loan rules state that in some cases, borrowers who have assets higher than the USDA limit “…may be required to use a | more...

How to Buy A Home in 2020

How To Buy A Home In 2020

Need to know how to buy a home in 2020? Making a plan to become a home owner includes budgeting, research, and even sharpening your negotiating skills. Are you ready to start your home loan journey? Shopping Around For A Home AND A Home Loan FHA mortgages allow first-time borrowers and experienced home owners alike to apply for a loan to buy or build a property. But you don’t have to limit your search to one kind of home OR one kind of FHA mortgage. For example, you could apply for an FHA Condo loan to purchase a condominium unit, or you could buy a mobile home or townhouse. FHA mortgage loans allow you to buy properties with as many as four living units, and that could be any number | more...

Buying A Home With A Lower Credit Score

FHA Loans And Buy-To-Let Mortgages

What is a buy-to-let mortgage? These loans, popular in Britain and elsewhere, are basically designed for investment property buyers. They are similar in purpose (not in terms or conditions) to bank statement loans in that both are intended to help investors and small business people. FHA home loans do not include a buy-to-let loan, but those who want to be owner/occupiers can purchase a property with as many as four living units with an FHA mortgage. You can buy a multi-unit home with an FHA mortgage, live in one or more of the units, and rent out the unused units to other tenants. This is completely acceptable under the terms of the FHA Single-Family home loan program. The requirement is that you live in the property yourself. Buy-to-let loans that | more...

Rent or Buy?

FHA Home Loan Appraisals: What You Should Know

Borrowers have plenty of questions about the FHA appraisal process. After all, if the appraisal doesn’t go well, it could mean the borrower has to decide whether to walk away and find something else or deal with the issues uncovered by the appraisal. What is the real issue with FHA appraisals that confuses many borrowers? The fact that there are multiple standards that must be met and not just the ones that are set by the FHA and HUD. House hunters write us frequently to ask if a certain appraisal issue will affect their home loan. And the simple answer is that there is no easy answer to appraisal questions because of one huge variable. And that variable is what state and local building code requirements say in addition to | more...

What You Need To Get Ready For A Home Loan Application

What You Need To Get Ready For A Home Loan Application

What do you need to get ready for a home loan application? Some things are practical and common-sense moves such as deciding in advance what kind of property you want to buy, while others are more about aesthetics such as the kind of neighborhood you want to live in, choosing urban or rural areas, etc. Why take this extra time? For a start, knowing what kind of property you want can require some serious thinking. The range of styles available alone may seem intimidating to some. In 2019, some of the most popular and most widely-searched for home styles included Farmhouse style, Colonial house style, Cape Cod house style, Spanish style house, and Art Deco style. Starting early can help you weed out the ones you might like versus those | more...

Do you need to

Higher FHA Home Loan Limits For 2020

In 2019, the FHA and HUD announced higher loan limits, giving borrowers in most counties additional borrowing power to purchase, build, repair, or refinance an owner-occupied home. The uptick in FHA loan limits for 2019 led some to believe that it might be possible to see another year of higher loan limits, while others speculated that higher limits may not be a trend, but simply a typical course correction for home loan limits. Regardless of which camp 2020 borrowers were in back then, it seems there is another year to contemplate higher loan limits; the Department of Housing and Urban Development has released the FHA loan limits for 2020 and they are indeed higher in most areas. The HUD announcement discussing the overall increase in the FHA loan limit for | more...

How to Buy A Home in 2020

Applying For A Home Loan In 2020

Are you thinking about buying or building a home in 2020? Prepare for your dream home early and get ready to start the path to homeownership in the new year. Save Early What kind of expenses should you anticipate when saving for your home loan? It’s not just the down payment you’ll need to save for–here is a list of common home loan expenses: Title insurance Appraisal costs Pest inspection fees Origination fees Discount points Credit report fee Survey fee Property taxes Mold abatement (where applicable) Document prep Compliance inspections You will also want to save early for unexpected costs including contingencies where the appraised value of the property is lower than the asking price. Some borrowers like the home so much they are willing to pay the difference in | more...

Why Did My Mortgage Payment Increase?

Why Did My Mortgage Payment Increase?

There may be circumstances where you find your mortgage payment has increased. There are several reasons why a mortgage payment might increase; regardless of which issue may be affecting your loan it’s crucial to address it right away. Mortgage Payment Increases Due To Interest Rate Adjustment If you have an FHA Adjustable Rate Mortgage, your mortgage payment increases when there is a scheduled interest rate adjustment on the mortgage. The government watchdog agency known as CFPB, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, advises, “Some homeowners believe that they have a fixed-rate mortgage loan when their loan actually includes an adjustable-rate or some other feature that can cause their interest rate and payment to change.” Changes To Your Property Taxes If you notice an increase in your mortgage payment, check your monthly | more...