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Articles Published in: January 2019

FHA Home Loans

Considerations For Buying Your First Home With An FHA Mortgage

First-time home buyers looking for their first home and a participating lender to apply for an FHA mortgage loan with may not know exactly what they are looking for in a new home-at first. As you go on the home ownership journey there are several issues that will become more apparent as you go. When planning for your first home loan and preparing your credit to borrow, keep these concerns in mind. Buying A First Home To Accommodate Future Needs Couples looking at their first home should anticipate changes in family size, needs for a hobby room or a dedicated work space, and room to grow with furniture and other possessions. The one-bedroom house you look at today may be the home you grow out of tomorrow; make sure you | more...

FHA Home Loan

Should I Buy A Condo With An FHA Home Loan?

Should a first-time home buyer consider purchasing a condo unit? Depending on your wants and needs, the answer may vary. Condos are unique compared to suburban homes because they are a communal property with shared responsibilities (which may be mostly financial) for upkeep of the common areas, the roof, balconies, etc. You may have special features on the property such as a gym, sauna, whirlpool, etc. depending on the property. FHA Condo loans require the condo project to be on or added to the FHA approved list-that’s unlike other types of property which must simply pass the FHA appraisal process. Condos will be appraised, too, but they must first be on the FHA roster. You can work with your FHA loan officer to add a condo project to that list | more...

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FHA Loans And The Government Shutdown: What’s Next?

Headlines in the earliest part of 2019 about the government shutdown gave way at the end of the third full week to those discussing the interim re-opening of the government for three weeks so that negotiations on the federal budget may continue. On Friday, January 5, 2019, the partial shutdown ended, bringing furloughed workers back on the job and ending the question of how long nearly one million American workers would have to do without a paycheck. What does all this have to do with FHA mortgage loans? Many wondered if the FHA would stop the home loan program during the partial shutdown, and while that did not happen, some aspects of the FHA mortgage program were affected including the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage program and certain aspsects of the | more...

FHA loans

Refinancing Your Home Loan With An FHA Mortgage

With recent interest rate headlines, some may be interested in refinancing their first home loan in 2019, especially those in adjustable rate mortgages who want to lock in an interest rate to avoid future mortgage loan rate fluctuations. Some will ask how much of the credit-check process is needed for an FHA refinance loan compared to when the original mortgage was applied for, and much depends on the type of refinance loan being applied for. Some refinance loans, such as FHA Streamline Refinancing, also known as an FHA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loans (VA IRRRL) do not feature a government-mandated credit check. Qualified borrowers will use the original credit check and other information used on the first mortgage as a guide. Your participating FHA lender is, however, free to require | more...

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Buying A Starter Home With An FHA Mortgage

FHA home loans can help any financially qualified borrower get into a new home with a low down payment and more forgiving credit requirements. The FHA home loan program is for first-time home buyers and experienced homeowners alike. How FHA Mortgage Loans Differ From Other Home Loans For First Time Home Buyers How do FHA mortgage loans differ from conventional mortgage loans, USDA loans or VA mortgages? There are many factors. One important difference between FHA mortgages and conventional loans is that unlike some mortgage loans, an FHA loan for a starter home or other principal residence has no penalty for early payoff of the mortgage loan. FHA loan rules specifically deny the lender the ability to penalize a borrower for paying more than the monthly mortgage payment and/or paying | more...

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How To Qualify For An FHA Mortgage Loan With Low Credit

Do you know how to get approved for an FHA mortgage even if you don’t have much credit history or a very high credit score? First time buyers looking for real estate in Texas, California, And Colorado may wonder how to get a foot in the door in the real estate market without a long credit history or some past financial problems on a credit record. And while these housing markets aren’t the only ones, they can be competitive; that said, you can use this advice in ANY housing market How To Prepare For A Home Loan Application To get approved for an FHA mortgage with thin credit, low credit, or bad credit, it is important to give yourself plenty of time to establish a reliable payment record. In general, | more...

Online Mortgage Calculators For First-Time Home Buyers

Online Mortgage Calculators For First-Time Home Buyers

Why should a first-time home buyer use an online mortgage calculator in the planning stages of a new home loan? There are several reasons, but one of the most important is also one of the things a new house hunter may need to learn as early as possible; the monthly mortgage payment you make as a new home owner is not just about the principal and interest payment on the loan. Three Important Things To Know About Your Monthly Mortgage Payment Buying a home with a mortgage loan-ANY mortgage loan-will include a variety of things that make up the total amount of your mortgage payment due each month. An FHA condo loan, an FHA rehabilitation loan, or even an FHA One-Time Close construction loan will have their monthly payments calculated | more...


Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! Banks and markets are closed today to observe the holiday and we too feel it’s very important to remember this important day. America owes a great deal to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and we are proud to observe this day dedicated to him. We pause are regular coverage of FHA news and FHA loan topics to observe the holiday. We resume our usual schedule of posts tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

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Are The Same FHA Home Loans Offered To A First-Time Home Buyer As Experienced Borrowers?

There are plenty of misconceptions about the FHA home loan program and first-time home buyers may assume some of them are true. One such misconception is that the FHA home loan program is only for first-time home buyers. Another is that the FHA loan program offers perks for those who are searching for their first home or a starter home. The reality is much different. Three Things First-Time Home Buyers Should Know About FHA Loans FHA Home Loan Facts You Should Remember FHA down payments can be supplemented by a down payment gift from a family member, friend, or employer. These funds must be properly sourced so make sure that your down payment gift is made with a check, deposited into your account, and the payment details are furnished to | more...

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FHA Home Loan Credit Requirements For First Time Home Buyers

First time home buyers and house hunters should know what the FHA loan requirements are for FICO scores, credit history, and factors that affect home loan approval for first time home loan applicants. Are you buying your first home? Are you looking for down payment assistance help and local first-time home buyer programs? FHA mortgage loan rules are designed to make your first home more affordable. Knowing the requirements before you begin your home loan planning process can save you time and money in the long run. FHA Loan FICO Score Requirements For First Time Home Buyers FHA FICO score requirements for all home loan applicants are identical whether you are purchasing your first home or buying another property after having already owned a home. FHA loan FICO score minimums: | more...