September 22, 2017

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HUD announces disaster relief priorities for survivors of Hurricane Harvey

How Do FHA Loan Appraisals Work?

How do FHA loan appraisals work? This question is a vital one because some get the appraisal process confused with a home inspection and the two are not the same. The importance of an FHA appraisal in your loan process has to do with the lender getting information that helps calculate the fair market value of the home, while the home inspection gives the borrower information needed to make an informed purchase. FHA appraisals are governed by the rules in the FHA loan handbook, HUD 4000.1, which says the lender is required to, “order an appraisal from an Appraiser who is listed on the FHA Appraiser Roster and is qualified and knowledgeable in the specific market area in which the Property is located. The Mortgagee must evaluate the Appraiser’s education, | more...

Can I Get An FHA Loan For A Mixed-Use Property?

Who Can Refinance An FHA Loan? Requirements You Should Know

Who Can Refinance An FHA Loan? We’ve been examining that question recently and according to HUD 4000.1, the FHA loan handbook, at least one borrower on the FHA refinance loan transaction must have legal title to the property. Under a section titled, “Borrower Eligibility”, we learn: “At least one Borrower on the refinancing Mortgage must hold title to the Property being refinanced prior to case number assignment.” But there is also, depending on the nature of the home to be refinanced, a requirement on the property type itself. HUD 4000.1 states: “For a transaction involving a Manufactured Home to be considered a refinance, the Manufactured Home must have been permanently erected on a site for more than twelve months prior to case number assignment.” What are some other FHA refinance | more...

what is mortgage insurance and how does it work?

What Is Mortgage Insurance And How Does It Work?

“What is mortgage insurance?” is a common question for those new to the home loan process. Do you understand how it works? It helps to define the two things referred to by industry professionals as mortgage insurance. There is mortgage insurance which the borrower pays for as a requirement of the FHA loan, then there is the “mortgage insurance” referred to in FHA loan rules which is something else entirely. Note: What we are discussing here is not hazard insurance, which may be a requirement on some, but not all FHA loans. FHA Mortgage Insurance For The Lender The FHA single family home loan handbook, HUD 4000.1, refers to “mortgage insurance” when discussing the FHA’s role in insuring the loan to reduce the risk for the participating lender. On page | more...

Can I get an FHA loan after foreclosure?

2017 FHA Loan Home Requirements

What are FHA loan home requirements? How can you tell if a property meets FHA loan minimum standards? These are important questions to ask when planning for your new home loan. FHA loan home requirements are found in HUD 4000.1, the FHA single-family home loan handbook. HUD 4000.1 states that while all homes to be purchased with an FHA mortgage must pass the FHA appraisal process, doing so in no way acts as a guarantee that the home is free of defects. A borrower should understand that the FHA appraisal is for the lender, while a home inspection (optional but extremely important) is for the borrower. In general, FHA loan home requirements include rules which state that the roof must be in good repair, that the electrical and plumbing system | more...

Do Section 8 Housing Vouchers Count For FHA Loans?

FHA Adjustable Rate Mortgages in 2017

Are you looking for an FHA adjustable rate mortgage in 2017? FHA single family home loans come in a variety of types including fixed-rate loans and FHA adjustable rate mortgages. The rules for these loans, commonly referred to as FHA ARM loans, are spelled out in HUD 4000.1, the FHA loan handbook. FHA adjustable rate loans can be different than their conventional counterparts, starting with certain restrictions on how often the interest rate may change. Before we dive into that issue, let’s examine how HUD 4000.1 defines the FHA ARM loan: “An Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) refers to a Mortgage in which the interest rate can change annually based on an index plus a margin.” Your loan officer is required to provide a disclosure form, which must be signed, that | more...

Who can apply for an FHA mortgage?

FHA Loans and Your Credit

Lots of people want to know what credit issues will affect the approval of FHA loans. The shortest answer is that it’s a combination of FICO scores, your repayment habits on all financial obligations (not just credit cards or revolving debt), and the amount of debt you pay on each month versus how much income you have. But there are some hard numbers to look at, too. FHA minimum requirements for credit include FICO score requirements for maximum financing. If your FICO scores are 580 or above you technically qualify for maximum financing, which means only a 3.5% down payment. But FHA FICO minimums are not the only FICO score requirements you’ll need to meet. Credit requirements at your chosen lender can be, and often are, higher. You may find | more...

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Happy Memorial Day 2017!

Happy Memorial Day! We pause today from our usual posts about FHA home loans, refinance loans, and related topics to recognize the sacrifices made by our women and men in uniform. Thank you to all who have served-from those who have gone before to those who are about to enter their first year in uniform in service to our country. We return with our regularly scheduled posts on Tuesday. Thank you for reading, and have a safe and happy Memorial Day 2017.


FHA Refinance Loan Basics You Should Know

If you have an existing home loan, you may be qualified to apply to refinance that loan with an FHA mortgage. This option can help you get cash out based on the value of your home, or it can help you get into lower mortgage payments depending on the type of loan you are eligible for. Which FHA refinance loan is right for you? FHA Cash-Out Refinancing Cash-out loans are for qualified borrowers with FHA or non-FHA mortgages. Cash out refinancing allows borrowers to get cash back when there is money left over after paying off the original mortgage, plus any applicable fees. Cash-out refinance loans guaranteed by the FHA require both a new credit check and appraisal. The new appraisal is required in order to determine the current market | more...

How much can I borrow with an FHA refinance loan?

Basics Of An FHA Home Loan

Are you interested in an FHA mortgage? If you’ve never applied for an FHA home loan before, there are some basics you should know that will help you make the right choices for the property you wish to purchase. Who Is An FHA Home Loan For? The FHA single-family home loan program is available to all financially qualified borrowers looking to buy property that meets FHA standards. FHA loans are for owner-occupiers looking to purchase a home to live in as their primary residence. There is a residency requirement for FHA mortgages, and FHA single family home loans are not intended for investment properties. You can purchase a home with as many as four units, and the borrower is free to rent out the unused units of the property as | more...

Can I get an FHA home loan if I owe back taxes?

FHA Loans And Income Verification Requirements

FHA loan income verification requirements include submitting tax data as part of the application process. Your lender may require tax returns and other paperwork; depending on the transaction these requirements may include additional forms of documentation. A reader got in touch recently in our comments section to ask about these income verification issues. “Our lender is asking for two years of tax returns. We have not filed for 2016 yet. We apply for and get an extension every year and have until October since we are freelancers…Can we just submit 2014 & 2015 for now to apply for the loan? We have pay stubs for 2016 as proof for income and it is greater than what we have made the priors years. Although, it seems to be a problem that | more...