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Articles Published in: January 2023

Home Loan

Before You Start House Hunting: Housing Counseling

Saving money is usually done to prepare for a home loan, but did you know there is a simple trick to saving money on mortgage expenses? It basically involves being a more informed borrower so you don’t mistakenly choose options that cost you more unnecessarily. Getting the right home loan for your needs can help you maximize your real estate dollar, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t know the options they have where home loans are concerned. A Freddie Mac report indicates that housing counseling and/or good financial education is a key benefit when you start the journey toward buying real estate. Knowing which loans are best for your needs and which ones to avoid is key. A Freddie Mac “Generation Z Study”, concluded, “The dream of | more...

FHA refinance

FHA Loans: New Construction Vs. Existing Construction?

What is the difference between new construction and existing construction? For the purpose of an FHA home loan, the distinction can be important, even if it’s just on a procedural level. The FHA loan handbook (HUD 4000.1) makes important distinctions between new construction and existing construction loans. FHA Home Loans For Existing Construction Properties The FHA defines existing construction properties in a very specific way: “Existing Construction refers to a Property that has been 100 percent complete for over one year or has been completed for less than one year and was previously occupied.” The appraisal requirements for existing construction are not quite the same (in terms of timing, paperwork and required forms) but the issue that will most affect a typical borrower is in how the appraisal is to | more...

Conventional Loan Interest Rates Make History, FHA Loan Rates Still Incredibly Low

Are You Ready For An FHA Loan Application?

Are you ready for an FHA mortgage loan? Buying or refinancing a home with an FHA loan takes planning and preparation, but once you’ve put the time in and gather your information, budget for expenses, and check your credit, the process will be far more understandable and accessible. Are You Ready For An FHA Mortgage Loan Application? You may be ready to fill out your FHA mortgage loan or refinance loan application if you have spent the last year reviewing your credit reports, working on reducing your debt-to-income ratio, and have made sure to have 12 months of on-time payments on ALL financial responsibilities. You are ready to apply if you know what kind of home loan you need and how it will be used. For example, are you interested | more...

If Your Home Was Damaged In A Federally Declared Disaster Area

FHA Refinance Loans For Your First Home

Why should first-time home buyers start thinking about their FHA refinance loan options sooner instead of later? It’s not because you are actively planning to refinance, but there are circumstances which may make you reconsider your refi loan options. As a millennial home buyer, first-time homeowner, or any other type of borrower, unforeseen events or situations may have you re-thinking your long-term financial plans. There are FHA refinance loan options for first-time home buyers and new homeowners, but some are more appropriate for certain needs than others. FHA Refinance Loans For Upgrades, Repairs, And Home Improvements If your home is damaged in a storm, you experience a fire or flood, or need to repair your roof, an FHA 203(k) rehabilitation loan is the refinance you should ask a participating FHA | more...

FHA home loans

Closing Costs Versus Down Payment

Some borrowers get confused over the differences between closing costs and the required minimum down payment of 3.5% needed for FHA home loans. The confusion often comes over what is considered a down payment versus what is considered to be part of the borrower’s closing costs. The most basic thing to know is that the FHA home loan down payment is a standalone payment. It is NOT reduced by the amount of closing costs you pay such as the lender’s fee, appraisal costs, title fees, inspection fees, etc. But that isn’t all-FHA home loan rules, for example, do not permit your down payment to come from the seller. But FHA loan rules DO permit your seller to contribute a certain amount toward the closing costs of the loan. Note the | more...

The FHA Loan That Helps You Build On Your Own Lot

FHA One-Time Close Construction Loan Limits Are Higher In 2023

If you want to build a home from the ground up using an FHA One-Time Close Construction Loan, there’s good news for you in 2023. Your buying power has increased thanks to FHA loan limits published at the start of the new year. The Department of Housing and Urban Development issues updated FHA loan limits on an annual basis. The limits vary depending on whether the housing market in a given zip code is considered typical, high-cost, or low-cost. In 2023, the limits for all FHA forward mortgages (including FHA One-Time Close Construction Loans) increased in many areas across the USA. FHA loan limit calculations include a nationwide forward mortgage limit ‘floor’ and ‘ceiling’ for a one-unit property. If you want an FHA One-Time Close Construction Loan in 2023, the | more...

FHA Mortgage Loan

Rent Or Buy? FHA Loans Can Help You Own Your Home

Is it wiser to rent or to buy your home? For some borrowers, it makes more sense to make a mortgage payment than to commit to a monthly rental payment. These borrowers should definitely explore their FHA home loan options and compare the cost of renting to the costs of owning. FHA Loans Can Help You To Stop Paying Rent Buying your home with an FHA mortgage means no more waiting for the landlord to repair crucial areas of the home. Homeowners are free to schedule or make their own repairs or upgrades without having to wait for someone else to get around to scheduling those necessary appointments. Buying a home with an FHA mortgage means no more apartment hunting, paying application fees or security deposits, etc. FHA Mortgage Loans | more...