October 21, 2019

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First-Time Home Buyer Tips

First-Time Home Buyer Tips

What does a first-time home buyer need to know when searching for real estate to buy with an FHA mortgage? It’s good to make a checklist before you start and add to it along the way-there are some important things to do before you ever fill out home loan paperwork. Decide If You Are Going To Use A Real Estate Agent Whether you buy your home with an FHA mortgage or not, this is a choice that could make a difference in terms of saving time looking for just the right home. If you choose to use the services of a real estate agent, be sure to include a list of features you want in your home and features you do not want-the agent will help you narrow the field. | more...

FHA Home Loans For Millennials

FHA Loan Rules For Income Verification: Part-Time Employment Income

Is it possible to be approved for an FHA home loan using part-time employment income? There are indeed FHA loan rules for this type of income and instructions to the lender for how it is to be reviewed. HUD 4000.1, the FHA home loan handbook, states that all verifiable income must meet certain FHA minimum requirements including the ability to verify two years of employment (not necessarily with the same employer). One area some borrowers may be concerned with in this area is part-time income. Does the FHA allow a lender to verify and count as income the earnings from a part-time job? The rules for this are found on page 200 of HUD 4000.1, which begins by defining what the FHA considers part-time income: “Part-Time Employment refers to employment | more...

FHA Loans And Charge-Off Accounts

FHA Loans And Charge-Off Accounts

Do you ever wonder about applying for an FHA Loan while having charge-off accounts in your credit history? Is it possible to get approved for an FHA home loan even though you have some negative credit information in your background? This is a question many ask, and the answer can be complicated depending on how old that negative credit data is, and whether or not it indicates an overall pattern of credit behavior. When you fill out an FHA loan application, your loan officer will need to examine your credit history, FICO scores, and other areas to determine your credit worthiness. Some borrowers come to the loan process with outstanding credit, others may have old issues or even currently disputed items on their credit reports that make them worry about | more...

FHA Home Loans: A Q&A

FHA Home Loan Rules For Salary, Hourly, Part-Time Income

Not every home loan applicant has the same type of employment, compensation, or schedule of compensation. That’s why FHA home loan rules in HUD 4000.1, the FHA single family home loan handbook, include different instructions to the lender for a diverse range of income sources. FHA Loan Rules For “Primary Income” HUD 4000.1 has sections for hourly income, salary, and part-time income. The section that includes these guidelines states that the lender is responsible for examining earnings from the home loan applicant’s “primary employment” and defines it as follows: “Primary Employment is the Borrowers principal employment, unless the income falls within a specific category identified below. Primary employment is generally full-time employment and may be either salaried or hourly.” “Current Pay” Versus “Projected Pay” According to HUD 4000.1, FHA loan | more...

FHA Home Loan Rules For Refinance Loans

Is A Property Eligible for an FHA Mortgage Loan If It Has Asbestos?

Borrowers interested in purchasing older properties using an FHA insured mortgage could face several challenges depending on the nature of the property. For example, some buildings insulated or otherwise constructed with asbestos products could pose a health hazard. FHA rules include minimum property requirements for safety, which address situations like these. Is a property eligible for an FHA loan if it has asbestos in it?

FHA Loan Credit Advice

Late or Missed Payments and FHA Loan Applications

Is it possible to get an FHA loan application approved with late or missed payments on your credit report? It’s easy to get caught up in a struggle with common financial problems, and some of the simplest situations (late and missed payments on financial obligations) can have the biggest impact on a borrower’s credit rating or perceptions of creditworthiness. Having a handful “lates” and/or missed payments in your recent credit history might not affect your overall financial bottom line IF you’re not planning to seek new lines of credit. But if you are planning to apply for a home loan in the 12 months following late or missed payments, this situation becomes far more important. FHA loan applications, like other major lines of credit, are affected by anything that changes | more...

Can I Refinance An Inherited Home With An FHA Cash-Out Refi Loan?

Can I Get a Single Family FHA Loan For A Multi-Unit Home?

Can I get an FHA single family loan for a multi-unit home? Some borrowers get confused by the wording in the name of the FHA Single Family Home Loan program. It’s easy to assume that FHA single family mortgages are for one-bedroom houses, but that is definitely not the case. FHA loans are approved for homes that feature as many as four living units-a four unit property can definitely be financed with an FHA loan assuming the borrower is qualified to be approved for the mortgage. One-to-four unit properties purchased with FHA mortgages must be the primary residence of the borrower-you must agree to occupy the home purchased with an FHA mortgage loan usually within approximately two months after loan closing (unless the borrower makes other arrangements with the lender | more...

Will I Need To Fill Out IRS Form 4506-T To Buy A Home With An FHA Loan?

Can I Use A Power Of Attorney At FHA Loan Closing Time?

Can I use a power of attorney when it comes time to close my FHA loan? That may not be a common question per se, but for those this issue affects, the answer can affect how the entire closing process is handled. There are many reasons why a power of attorney might be needed to close a legally binding financial transaction such as an FHA mortgage. A borrower may be called away for an urgent work or family need, military duty could prevent the borrower from being physically present, injury or illness, etc. FHA loan rules address the power of attorney issue in HUD 4000.1, which begins on page 345 by stating: “A Borrower may designate an attorney-in-fact to use a Power of Attorney (POA) to sign documents on their | more...

FHA Loan Rules: Using Rental Income to Qualify for a Mortgage Loan

What Kind Of Home Can I Buy With An FHA Mortgage?

What kind of home can you buy with an FHA mortgage? The answer isn’t what some people expect, likely due to a misunderstanding of the FHA loan program, who it is intended for, and why it exists. A good example of this? The assumption that FHA mortgages are primarily for first-time home buyers or the economically disadvantaged. Such assumptions are not true. FHA loans are for any financially qualified applicant, which means you don’t have an income threshold to meet, there are no restrictions on those who have purchased homes before, and there is no income maximum. What kind of home can you purchase with an FHA mortgage? FHA loans permit the purchase of homes which are primarily residential, have no restrictions of resale, and which meet FHA minimum standards | more...

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Happy Memorial Day 2017!

Happy Memorial Day! We pause today from our usual posts about FHA home loans, refinance loans, and related topics to recognize the sacrifices made by our women and men in uniform. Thank you to all who have served-from those who have gone before to those who are about to enter their first year in uniform in service to our country. We return with our regularly scheduled posts on Tuesday. Thank you for reading, and have a safe and happy Memorial Day 2017.