October 28, 2020

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The FHA One-Time Close Construction Loan: An Option In 2020

FHA Implements New Construction Loan Rule Changes

The FHA has announced rule modifications for its new construction loans. On October 22nd, 2020, the FHA and HUD issued a Mortgagee Letter detailing modifications made in 2018 and 2019 which have resulted in a need for further alterations of the rules for New Construction loans. Some of the changes end requirements for “Early Start Letters” and other requirements, others make provisions for “alternative inspections” as we’ll discover below. The FHA/HUD official site states there are also changes to the maximum financing policy for FHA New Construction loans. Effective immediately–lenders can choose to wait on implementing these modified rules until January 4, 2020, but have the option to start using the new rules now if they so choose) the following modifications are being added to HUD 4000.1: Eliminating Early Start | more...


FHA and HUD Announce New Automated Loan Processing System

The Federal Housing Administration has announced a new automated underwriting system for use by participating lenders who process FHA Single-Family home loans. The new system allows lenders to electronically submit loan application data for single family forward mortgages directly to tbe FHA and, “receive mortgage insurance eligibility scoring decisions generated from FHA’s Total Mortgage Scorecard. “The launch of FHA’s first direct automated underwriting system is a huge milestone for the over one million borrowers on average who rely on FHA insurance annually,” according to Assistant Secretary for Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner Dana Wade, who was quoted in an FHA press release. Wade adds, “We’re excited to deliver this enhanced automated underwriting capability specifically for FHA-insured lending because it will streamline processes for everyone, including consumers.” This new system has | more...

getting ready for an FHA home loan

Getting Ready For An FHA Home Loan Refinance

Are you interested in a lower mortgage payment or interest rate on your home loan? Are you looking to convert the equity you’ve built up in your home into cash? There are plenty of reasons to consider refinancing–do you need out of an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) and into a fixed-rate loan? All of these options are open to financially qualified borrowers who apply for an FHA refinance loan and you do NOT have to be a first-time homebuyer or first-time homeowner to be approved for an FHA refinance loan. Many of the same steps you took for your original home loan application are applicable when you begin planning to refinance your mortgage; you should pull your credit reports are early as possible in the planning stages. Many consumers find it | more...

HUD Announces Disaster Relief In The Wake Of Hurricane Laura

HUD Announces Disaster Relief In The Wake Of Hurricane Laura

On August 28, 2020, there was a federal major disaster declaration announced for the state of Louisiana; those living in the affected areas are eligible for federal disaster relief and other measures as announced (see below). The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development now offers federal disaster assistance there “to provide support to homeowners and low-income renters displaced from their homes in areas affected by Hurricane Laura.” The major disaster declaration is for the following parishes in Louisiana; Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron, and Jefferson Davis. The result of having these areas declared as federal disaster areas allows FHA foreclosure relief and other assistance to impacted families living in these counties to include immediate foreclosure relief in the form of a 90-day moratorium on foreclosing upon any FHA mortgage. For | more...

HUD Extends COVID-19 Foreclosure Moratorium For A Third Time

HUD Extends COVID-19 Foreclosure Moratorium For A Third Time

The FHA and HUD have announced a third extension of the coronavirus foreclosure and eviction moratorium announced earlier this year to help homeowners affected by the global COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. This extension is extended until the end of 2020 and is intended to help those with FHA mortgages “focus on financial recovery”. The original measures were passed as part of the Coronavirus Relief and Economic Security Act, also known as the CARES Act. According to a press release issued by the FHA and HUD, “This extension provides an additional four months of housing security to homeowners, as they will not fear losing their homes as they work to recover financially from the adverse impacts of the pandemic. “ HUD officials went on the record about this extension stating that, “…homeownership | more...

FHA Policy for Disaster Victims

FHA Home Loan Advice For Disaster Victims

At the time of this writing, multiple natural disasters are affecting homeowners from California to the Gulf Coast. This, in addition to COVID-19 concerns makes for a lot of hardship for those who have had to evacuate, and for those who have experienced damaged homes and lost property. The FHA and HUD have specific disaster-relief policies on the books that are intended to help those affected by natural disasters recover from them. FHA loan rules include limited foreclosure moratorium procedures for borrowers, and there is help in the form of FHA rehabilitation loans specifically for disaster victims. However, this relief is provided to those who reside in areas that have been declared as federal disaster areas. The President must make such a declaration (such as the one made in California | more...

HUD Extends COVID-19 Foreclosure Moratorium For A Third Time

HUD Approves Conciliation Agreements in Arkansas Fair Housing Discrimination Case

Housing discrimination at any stage–buying, renting, financing, etc.–is a violation of federal law. The Fair Housing Act protects borrowers from being denied housing based on non-financial criteria including race, family status, sexual identity, etc. The Department of Housing and Urban Development has announced agreements in an Arkansas Fair Housing discrimination case. According to a press release issued by HUD, the agency has approved three Conciliation Agreements with the owners and property management company of Springdale Ridge Apartments in Springdale, Arkansas. HUD says these three agreements resolve complaints that the owners and management of Springdale Ridge Apartments “discriminated against several residents because of their national origin and retaliated against an employee living on site who sought to inform the residents of their fair housing rights” according to the HUD press release. | more...

FHA Refinance Loan Tips

Buying Land With An FHA Loan

There are several reasons why a house hunter looking for a home to purchase with a VA mortgage might want to buy a piece of land. In times when the housing market is favorably inclined towards new construction loans, some buyers might want a government insured loan for a proposed construction or new construction purchase; others might want to buy a piece of land for a manufactured home or mobile home.

Why did my mortgage payment increase

HUD Updates Coronavirus Home Loan Guidelines For Loan Closing

The FHA and HUD have issued guidelines for mortgage loan closing procedures that may be affected by coronavirus lockdown measures, quarantine, and other issues related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Many home buyers were caught by surprise by coronavirus issues and there are many home loans that are affected. The Department of Housing and Urban Development issued initial policies in March, 2020, but updated them in mid-April to include provisions in several areas designed to help facilitate FHA home loans during the outbreak. FHA Loan Rules On Title insurance The FHA and HUD issued guidance on loan servicing issues designed to address situations in counties where recording offices are not operational during the national emergency. The FHA/HUD official site answers the following question related to such scenarios: “Will FHA accept title | more...

Do You Know How To Dispute Your Credit Reports?

How To Protect Your Credit

Do you know how to protect your credit score during the COVID-19 outbreak? Millions of Americans have suffered economic setbacks as a result of containment measures designed to stop the spread of the virus, and many of them were already struggling with credit issues prior to the outbreak. How can you protect your credit going forward? The first step is to know what your credit report says and to actively monitor your credit. In some cases, credit problems wind up being the result of factors beyond the consumer including: Inaccurate credit report data Outdated credit information that needs to be removed Evidence of identity theft Credit report information that is accurate, but for someone else with the same name Any of these issues can hurt your credit, and they take | more...