April 19, 2019

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HUD Announces Disaster Relief For Iowa and Nebraska Storm Victims

HUD Announces Disaster Relief For Iowa and Nebraska Storm Victims

The Department of Housing and Urban Development recently announced disaster relief for victims of storms in Nebraska and Iowa. The agency issued press release stating it would “speed federal disaster assistance “to the State of Iowa and the State of Nebraska to offer “support to homeowners and low-income renters forced from their homes in areas affected by severe storms and flooding”. In March, there was a declaration of a major disaster area for Iowa counties including Fremont, Harrison, Mills, Monona, and Woodbury. There was also a major disaster declaration in March for Nebraska counties including Boone, Buffalo, Butler, Cass, Colfax, Custer, Dodge, Douglas, Knox, Nemaha, Richardson, Santee Indian Reservation, Sarpy, Saunders, Thurston, and Washington. These declarations allow HUD to offer FHA borrowers in the affected areas foreclosure relief in the | more...

HUD Announces Disaster Relief For Iowa and Nebraska Storm Victims

HUD Charges Facebook With Fair Housing Act Violations

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has brought charges of Fair Housing Act violations against Facebook. HUD announced it would charge Facebook “with violating the Fair Housing Act by encouraging, enabling, and causing housing discrimination through the company’s advertising platform.” HUD’s case claims that Facebook illegally restricted “who can view housing-related ads on Facebook’s platforms and across the internet” and also that the media giant “mines extensive data about its users and then uses those data to determine which of its users view housing-related ads based, in part, on these protected characteristics” according to a press release issued by HUD. There’s more; the HUD press release also mentions a HUD claim that additionally, “Facebook combines data it collects about user attributes and behavior with data it obtains about user | more...

HUD Announces Findings In Illinois Housing Fraud Investigation

FHA And HUD Announce Home Loan Policy Changes

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has announced policy updates and changes that have been added to the FHA Single Family Home Loan Program Handbook, HUD 4000.1. According to an FHA/HUD press release, these are the first changes and updates to the handbook since late 2016. “With today’s update, FHA is recommitting to the industry that it will continue to maintain and enhance the SF Handbook so that it becomes a single, comprehensive source of policy guidance for lenders and other stakeholders doing single family business with FHA” according to the press release. The updates, posted March 27, 2019, include a set of “technical changes for consistency and clarity” as well as FHA home loan program policy updates. These updates affect how the lender may handle certain issues associated | more...

HUD Announces Disaster Relief For Iowa and Nebraska Storm Victims

HUD Announces Housing Discrimination Settlement With Los Angeles County Housing Providers

Housing discrimination affects home buyers at every stage of the real estate buying process including those who are in the planning stages of buying a first home and who need an apartment to live in while on the road to becoming a new home owner. HUD has announced a settlement in a Fair Housing Act discrimination case brought against the owners of a Los Angeles County company running a development in Duarte, California. In this case the complaint centers around a housing complex; according to the HUD official site, “The agreement resolves allegations that Downs, LLC and EMNA Management, Inc., the owner and manager of the development, refused to remediate mold at the property as a reasonable accommodation for a couple with disabilities and retaliated against them for asking that | more...

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FHA Loan Policy Changes Regarding Income, Employment Verification

The FHA and HUD have issued a Mortgagee Letter explaining recent policy changes that affect how borrowers will have their income and employment verified, among other issues. Mortgagee Letter 19-01, issued February 15, 2019, announces the specific inclusion of third-party vendors (TPV) for the purpose of income and employment verification. The change is needed, according to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, because FHA home loan rules in HUD 4000.1 did not previously mention third party vendors specifically. “FHA allows for electronic verifications as an option to a written Verification of Employment but makes no specific reference to TPV services. TPV provides an alternative means for verifying a Borrower’s employment, income, and assets which would eliminate the requirement for a Mortgagee to collect pay stubs, W-2s, and bank statements”. | more...

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How To Qualify For An FHA Mortgage Loan With Low Credit

Do you know how to get approved for an FHA mortgage even if you don’t have much credit history or a very high credit score? First time buyers looking for real estate in Texas, California, And Colorado may wonder how to get a foot in the door in the real estate market without a long credit history or some past financial problems on a credit record. And while these housing markets aren’t the only ones, they can be competitive; that said, you can use this advice in ANY housing market How To Prepare For A Home Loan Application To get approved for an FHA mortgage with thin credit, low credit, or bad credit, it is important to give yourself plenty of time to establish a reliable payment record. In general, | more...


Happy New Year 2019!

Happy New Year 2019! We hope your holiday season has been safe and fun. We pause from our usual posts about FHA home loans to enjoy New Year’s Day 2019, and our regular posting schedule resumes on Wednesday. Thanks for reading and have a great holiday.

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HUD Announces Updated Disaster Policy For Puerto Rico And Virgin Islands Home Owners

In 2017, Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated many U.S. territories; in the aftermath home owners in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands many people are still recovering from the disaster. In August 2018 the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has announced updates to FHA foreclosure prevention options to allow borrowers with delinquent FHA home loans “easier access to bring their mortgages current without increasing their interest rates or monthly payments” according to HUD.gov. The Federal Housing Administration is also offering a final 30-day extension of its foreclosure moratorium for FHA-insured homeowners in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. In February 2018, FHA introduced the Disaster Standalone Partial Claim option, intended to help borrowers in the affected disaster areas a way to catch up on pre-disaster mortgage payments without experiencing “payment | more...

HUD Announces Findings In Illinois Housing Fraud Investigation

HUD Announces Resolution In California Fair Housing Case

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has announced the resolution of a California Fair Housing Act discrimination case. According to a press release at the HUD official site, the agency has reached an agreement with the Housing Authority of the County of Contra Costa (HACCC) and the Vallejo Housing Authority (VHA), “resolving allegations that they violated the Fair Housing Act, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Americans with Disabilities Act when they allegedly denied a request by a resident with disabilities to extend her search time to find suitable housing that would accept her Housing Choice Voucher”. Fair Housing Act laws make it illegal to discriminate against those buying or renting a home by “denying or limiting housing to persons with disabilities, or discriminating in | more...

HUD announces disaster relief for Alaska earthquake victims

HUD Announces Hurricane Aid For The Virgin Islands

The Department of Housing and Urban Development has announced a multi-million dollar aid package for hurricane recovery efforts in the U.S. Virgin Islands. According to a press release at the HUD official site, “The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) today awarded $242.7 million to help the U.S. Virgin Islands to recover from Hurricanes Irma and Maria. HUD’s Deputy Secretary Pamela Hughes Patenaude announced the disaster recovery grants with Governor Kenneth E. Mapp during a tour of damaged homes in St. Thomas”. The HUD recovery funds, similar to those authorized for disaster recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, are via HUD’s Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) Program and “support long-term recovery, including infrastructure, seriously damaged housing, and economic recovery in the Territory” according to the HUD | more...