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Mortgage Loan Interest Rate Trends: Flat Ahead of Holiday Break

November 27, 2015


Mortgage loan interest rates were described by market watchers as “flat” on Wednesday before the Thanksgiving holiday. Markets were closed on Thursday and while some volatility is possible the day before a holiday, everything was basically quiet.

Friday’s trading day may or may not be marked by some movement of the mortgage rates (that hasn’t happened at the time of this writing) but industry professionals don’t expect any major developments to occur until next week when scheduled events, breaking news, and other factors could conspire to move rates up or down depending on investor reaction to those things.

Next week there is some potential for volatility due to scheduled data releases. Jobless claims, non-farm payrolls, and unemployment figures all come out late in the week–those economic data releases do have the power to move rates depending on investor reaction to the information in those reports.

For now, 30-year fixed rate conventional mortgages are holding at between 4.0% and 4.125% best execution (depending on the lender) and we see no movement from the FHA loan best execution comfort zone of 3.75%.

Best execution rates are available to those with outstanding FICO scores and other financial qualifications–your experience may vary. The rates you see listed here are not available from all lenders or to all borrowers.

Some advice to those uncertain about locking or floating at the moment includes the notion that much won’t happen until next week; some believe there is a lower risk in floating at the present time. That said, floating is never risk-free, so make the most informed choice you can and decide accordingly. It never hurts to ask the advice of your lender.

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